Architectural Trends of 2018

Architectural Trends of 2018

If there’s one thing we know about at Chief Apprentice, it’s architecture and the upcoming trends each year. Our services provide architects with professional tools and training, based on our market insight and knowledge. Wondering what this year has in store for architecture? Here’s a look at the trends of 2018.


Recreating Outdoor Space

A huge trend this year has been utilizing and redesigning outdoor space. When it comes to residential living, indoor space has always been the focus, but over the past year, verandas, decks, and patios have become wildly popular. Many Americans are revitalizing gardens and outdoor spaces to increase comfort and livability. These outdoor renovations provide more curb appeal, selling power, and aesthetic appeal to your home.

Jump on this trend by adding new siding, constructing a man-made pond or fountain, or adding stone benches to your garden.


Sustainable Architecture

Everything has gone green this year, including architecture. A large growing trend, which is still on the rise, is sustainable architecture. This includes features such as water filtration and energy conserving cooling and heating systems being installed with new buildings both residential and commercially.

Other sustainable types of architecture includes the addition of solar power strips on rooves, or elsewhere on the property. Materials being used are also environmentally conscious, choosing to avoid plastics and use natural substances like stone instead.



Smart houses are becoming hugely popular, and not only through the use of external systems like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Architects are having more and more requests for smart systems to be built directly into houses. Systems that activate lights, electronics, appliances, and other features such as doors and windows, are all being connected through a smart command system.

While not necessarily part of the architecture itself, these additions mean big changes to the materials used, supports in the house, as well as wall and flooring layouts. These smart features can be connected to tablets, phones and laptops for use throughout the house. Security systems are also being implemented which can be accessed from anywhere that the world wide went is available.


Occupying Space

The world has become a smaller place, with large families occupying spaces much smaller than they may have been years ago. Not only are the houses getting smaller, but the belongings in the houses are becoming more. More laptops, more tv’s, more books, more furniture, more toys all need somewhere to go. Creating space for storage where there isn’t space is one of the most useful architectural trends of the modern era.

Staircases with bookshelves hidden in them, benches with storage compartments inside, and fold out walls that turn into tables, beds, or desks are saving space and creation storage for the millennial generation.


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