Advanced Ceilings in Chief Architect

Creating ceilings in Chief Architect is easy. You can create a variety of diffent types of ceilings, including cathedral ceilings, vaulted and curved ceilings, tray ceilings, grid and tile suspended ceilings. When you finish going through this tutorial you will be able to:
  • Recognize the three basic ceiling types and how they get their materials.
  • Draw cathedral ceilings
  • Draw vaulted and curved ceilings.
  • Create tray ceilings
  • Draw grid and tile suspended ceilings
  • Develop a reflected ceiling plan
  • Develop a coffered ceiling element with a recessed backlit panel
  • Create a coffered ceiling with multiple recessed panels
Use your imagination to create spectacular ceilings for your home design. This tutorial will make it possible to take your unique designs and turn them into an actual 2D drawings that you can view in stunning 3D!

This tutorial is an entire section in the upcoming book, “Become a Chief Architect Expert (X-9 Edition).

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