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Advanced CAD in Chief Architect Tutorial

Knowing how to use all of the CAD tools that Chief Architect has to offer is important because you will need them to draft all of the detail drawings needed in a set of residental building plans. You were introduced to CAD in Chief Architect in the book, “Residential Design Using Chief Architect”© or in […]

Advanced Ceilings in Chief Architect

Creating ceilings in Chief Architect is easy. You can create a variety of diffent types of ceilings, including cathedral ceilings, vaulted and curved ceilings, tray ceilings, grid and tile suspended ceilings. When you finish going through this tutorial you will be able to: Recognize the three basic ceiling types and how they get their materials. […]

Residential Home Placement on the Property

In addition, the space within a home or dwelling unit can be subdivided into habitable and nonhabitable space. If a room is to be used for sleeping, living, cooking, or dining, the room is considered by the building code to be habitable. Rooms such aas closets, pantries, bath or toilet rooms, hallways, utility rooms, storage […]

Draw Order of Objects

Chief Architect X9 introduced a new set of tools that give you a lot more control over the draw order of objects when drawn in the plan view. What this means is that when objects overlap you have complete control over what is visible or not visible. For example if you place a chair that […]

Advanced Floors in Chief Architect

In this tutorial you will work with the more advanced techniques in dealing with floors in Chief Architect. You will learn more about setting platform depths, not just by floor but also by area.  There is even a section on dealing with floors in multi-level commercial building.   After reading and doing the exercises in […]

Chief Architect’s Room Planner Application

 The Room Planner application is a Chief Architect program that makes it easy to create realistic floor plans and 3D models in minutes for a room or a home design project using your IPad, IPhone, or an Android device. You can download the Room Planner app. from You can also download it from the […]

Adjusting the Size of Tool Buttons

INTRODUCTION Preference settings control how Chief Architect acts and the way the interface looks. For example, in Chief Architect X9, you can now control the size of the tool buttons in the tool bars, using a preference setting. ADJUSTING THE SIZE OF TOOL BUTTONS. 1. If you have Chief Architect running select File ► New […]